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Promote your offer and amplify your authority.

Web Design

Create a website that converts leads to clients

Signs & Print

Design Service, Custom Print and Installation 

Virtual tours

360 Virtual Tour in Palm Beach County locations

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About the agency

Real Estate Marketing
In West Palm Beach

Talendis, established in 2012 in France.  Certified one-stop-shop marketing agency that helps Real Estate professionals address the challenges they face online and in the marketplace. Therefore Our foundational marketing products allow Real Estate Businesses to build a stronger presence online, connect with more customers, and grow a stronger brand. Talendis is a local marketing agency based in Rosemary Square West Palm Beach. We #supportlocalbusinesses

Real Estate Marketing Dashboard: Branding, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Virtual Tours 360°, Social Media, Print & Signs.

Our Social Amplification Engine follows a proven processes to increase your visibility. In fact, it helped leaders in the industry grow their business, drive leads, and end-conversion goals.

Social Amplification Engine


Our 6 Module Implementation Process will help you achieve your goals. In addition, whether you are a real estate agent, broker, property manager, marketing director of an international real estate group, this process is the same.

Digital plumbing

Goals Identification

Content Creation

Targeting Setup

Amplification Process

Ad Optimization

Digital Infrastructure

We need to make sure that you understand in advance:

– What we do for you.
– Why it is important.
– When you can expect results.

We want to track your results and remarket to owned audiences. To do so, we need to ensure
tracking is set up properly on your website. Give us partner access to your Facebook and Google ad accounts.


Strategy Meeting

Your goals will guide us throughout the implementation. We schedule a 30-minute strategy call or hour-long meeting to talk about your story, mission, and goals. Then, we will determine the most important metrics in the Audience, Consideration, and Conversion funnel.

Content Creation

Next, we identify supporting content at each stage of the funnel, assemble a content list of third party endorsements, and create personas for your top target customer segments, which drives targeting.

Choice of visitors audiences.

Next, we identify as many relevant targeting groups as possible to reach your target customer segments. We will track performance against each specific group.

Boost posts with call to action buttons

Once we establish the strategic selection of Goals, Content, and Targeting, we will create three kinds of ads. The first kind is to amplify the five most recent Facebook posts to build audience and drive engagement. The second kind drives conversions, targeted to both saved and owned audiences. The third kind is to influence the influencers.

Audit & Optimisation

Every day, we will make tweaks that will create the most positive impact, expand on the audience and content that are working, tweak bidding where necessary, re-allocate budgets, and summarize the performance of content and targeting against your goals each week.

Our Core Values

Our executives bring more than just experience to the table. Consistently striving for a brighter future in digital, Therefore Talendis leadership works tirelessly to solve the problems facing Real Estate Businesses. Automatically bring interested prospects to your door so your sales reps can focus on closing. In other words Talendis marketing automation software fuses personalized content with email drip campaigns to capture your prospects’ attention and understand their intent. We believe in strengthening local economies by partnering with the Chamber Of Commerce of the Palm Beaches, and the Chamber of Commerce of Wellington. We are also always developing efficient and easy to use marketing tools that Real Estate businesses need to be successful.

Client Service

Flexibility & Adaptibility

Proven Performance

People Professionalism

Integrated Innovations

We support Local business


Inbound Marketing Package for Real Estate Agents

real estate online marketing sites

Personal Branding

How to Build Your Personal Brand and Grow Your Real Estate Business
real estate agency

Boost your visibility

How to dominate your local market, grow your authority and win a large exposure

real estate agency

Get Targeted Leads

How to drive targeted leads and get more calls through inception

A La carte services

A la carte solutions tailored for Real Estate Businesses

Search Engine Optimization

Our Certified SEO team will improve your ranking on Google.

Digital advertising

Our Certified team  will help you get targeted leads.

Reputation management

We help you create your personal branding.

CRM Setup & Automation

We will automate your e-mailings, followups and lead generation process.

The Power Hour

The Power Hour  is a consulting meeting. Does not include implementation.

Website design

Website that converts and generate leads. 


What People Say

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